At the first sign of snow I rushed out of my dorm to enjoy it! I was told by my classmates that the snow was not yet thick enough for proper sledding but that it will come soon. Being from California, it has been years since I have had the opportunity to play in snow. I got to celebrate my reunion by participating in a snow ball fight. We played until I could no longer feel my fingers. At that point I went inside and made myself a cup of tea.

The next day our class was cancelled because the roads were blocked by snow and the teachers could not make it to campus. It was my very first “Snow Day!”



Since I arrived a week early before the start of classes I had the opportunity to explore! I started by locating the nearest grocery stores. There are 5 that I know of but Tesco is the most popular one for students to shop at. I found multiple pubs and cafe’s filled with freshly baked goods (but more on that later). I ended my day by walking up the nearby hills and it was not long until I found sheep!

The Bridge House

The Bridge house is probably the most photographed house in Ambleside. I walk by it multiple times a week when I wonder into town to do some grocery shopping. This small two story house was built over Stock Beck and according to the National Trust  the Braithwaites family built Bridge House to access their lands on the other side of the river but it was also used to store apples from the family’s nearby orchards. It is also reported that he house served “as a counting house for the mills of Rattle Ghyll, a tea-room, a weaving shop, a cobbler’s, a chair maker’s and, at one time, a home to a family of eight!”